Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bound with the Bands

Imagine you're sitting on your couch watching TV.  You realize that you're thirsty so you want to go to the refrigerator and get a drink of cranberry juice.  But you can't move because you're wrapped up in strong bands - sort of like a mummy from the catacombs of ancient Egypt.  You would do all you could to get yourself out of those bands.  If you knew how to get those things off of you, nothing would stop you.  You would do all you could to release yourself and attain that refreshing beverage. 

We put ourselves in a similar situation when we sin.  Although it sometimes may seem otherwise, the commandments of God are in place to keep us free and happy.  When we break those commandments we are literally binding ourself in sin. I like how the Book of Mormon prophet Alma puts it, when we sin, we are "bound with the bands of iniquity" (Mosiah 23:12).  They keep us from enjoying the blessings of the gospel.  Most importantly, they keep us from having the Holy Ghost's influence in our lives.

Now let's go back to that comparison I made earlier.  Imagine there's someone who will help you out of those dreadful bands.  He's completely willing to help.  But you have to accept that help before he can.  Of course that man is the Savior Jesus Christ.  If we allow Him to help us, He will. 

So I encourage all who feel they are "bound with the bands" of sin to ask God for forgiveness.  Live the commandments and free yourself, with the help of the Lord!

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